World Fibre Outlook up to 2030

World Fibre Outlook up to 2030 market report

World Fibre Outlook up to 2030 provides in-depth analysis and long-term forecasts of major economic and market trends affecting the demand, supply and pricing of papermaking fibre and specialty pulps in all key regions of the world. The main focus of the study is on pulp and recovered paper demand and changes in papermaking furnish patterns, supply, trade and pricing. Specific issues include the role of new constraints on global fibre trade, new innovative ways to overcome these constraints, role of substitution, future of specialty pulps and new drivers of price formation, to mention but a few.

The Pöyry Insight study World Fibre Outlook up to 2030 addresses many significant market issues that are of current strategic interest for the business participants. As in Pöyry’s previous global fibre market studies, the scope is global, providing demand forecasts from 2017 through 2030 for ten product areas and ten geographic regions. The study contains descriptions of key drivers which are common across many product areas, or particularly relevant to specific papermaking and specialty fibre grades. The forthcoming study also has new elements, such as boxed illustrations and case studies of selected topics.

Besides printed reports and pdf files, deliverables include a customized video conference/webcast and discussion with the idea of bringing the study findings, impacts and implications closer to issues revolving around your business. The webcast will be hosted by the authors of the study, supported by fibre market and pulp industry specialists.